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creditrepairScam Credit Repair to some is a huge myth that is publicized greatly by credit repair companies who want to take your money and fly to the nearest tropical island. This process of disputing items and wiping your credit report clean IS NOT A MYTH! Some credit repair companies are reputable but it is usually the companies that make all the promises to do things that violate the Credit Repair Organizations Act. These companies make all sorts of promises that usually never happens plus take your money in the process. Credit Repair companies on average will charge around $60-$100/month on average. And there is no telling HOW LONG THAT YOU WILL BE PAYING THAT AMOUNT! My Credit Spotless Credit Repair DIY System puts YOU IN CHARGE! With our easy to use system, we will show you how to repair your own information and not handing over personal information such as copies of your social security # and bank statements. Why not Do It Yourself? Its Easy, Safe & NOT EXPENSIVE at all compared to credit repair companies!   We charge a One Time Fee of $69 for Lifetime Membership!   That's 24/7 Access to the Members Area...............   CLEAN YOUR CREDIT TODAY!   Video Box PNG ordernow6     Watch This Video on Credit Repair........................ UNDERSTANDING COLLECTION AGENCIES Throughout the Process IS GOLD...
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